Prince William to launch website to support wellbeing in the workplace

Posted on May 18, 2018 at 9:34 am

Prince William will launch a mental health website and online training project aimed at supporting wellbeing in the workplace.

The website has been developed jointly by Heads Together, Prince William’s own mental health campaign, Unilever and Mind. It will go live in September 2018 and contain resources for managers and employers, as well as training programmes for workers.

Speaking at the Workplace Wellbeing Conference in Central London, Prince William said ‘only 2% of workers in the UK are willing to talk to human resources about mental health.

He explained ‘Work is one of the most stressful places that we go to every day, and the fact is people aren’t feeling like they can go to work and actually speak to those people who in theory know the system and know the environment you’re working in. We’ve got to really do something about mental health and the workplace as well.’

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