HSE and Local Authority co-operation to strengthen health standards

Posted on August 13, 2019 at 10:00 am


IOSH has urged local authorities (LAs) to commit to working closely with regulatory bodies to strengthen safety and health standards across Britain.

The move comes after the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and LA representative bodies developed a joint statement of commitment in April 2019, setting out a vision for consistent regulation across HSE and LA enforced businesses. The statement of commitment was developed as part of the ongoing work of the strategic group overseeing the HSE and LA.

The statement of commitment has been endorsed by the board of the HSE, the Local Government Association, the Welsh Local Government Association and the Society of Chief Officers of Environmental Health in Scotland.

Currently, LA regulate approximately two thirds of all business premises, covering retail, consumer services, entertainment, warehousing and supply sectors, which accounts for approximately half the total workforce in Great Britain.

According to the HSE, occupational safety and health management failures result in more than 100,000 workers developing new cases of ill health, 5,000 major workplace accidents and ten fatal injuries in LA enforced business sectors each year.

The statement of commitment aims to strengthen and maintain long term commitment and delivery of their legal duty as enforcers of workplace safety and health and asks that LAs work with the HSE to deliver effective solutions to keep workers safe. The statement commits LAs to:

  • Working with other LAs to review activities.
  • Using national and local intelligence to target poor performing sectors.
  • Annually reporting their safety and health enforcement activity to the HSE.


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