Newground is an award winning social enterprise that operates throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Through our social enterprise model, we deliver professional environmental, health & safety and food services in a competitive marketplace. However, there’s one key difference between Newground and our private sector competitors; instead of our profits going to shareholders, they are gift aided into our charity to support environmental and community projects.


By choosing Newground and subscribing to our Legislation Update Service, our customers are helping to drive positive social and environmental change.


Newground is a member of Social Enterprise UK and is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, ensuring we deliver quality services in a safe and environmentally responsible way.




Legal and aspects registers, bespoke to your organisation.

Health & Safety

Legal and hazard identification registers, bespoke to your organisation.


Legal registers, bespoke to your organisation.

“Very helpful with our ISO 14001 implementation process and proving compliance information come the time of audit.”
Flowcrete UK Ltd
“Great service and much easier to keep up to date with new and amended legislation that is applicable to our company profile.”
TSI Instruments Ltd
“I have contacted LUS several times to clarify details in the regulations and have always had a quick response. The information provided is easy to clear and relevant.”
Sysmex UK Ltd
“This is the easiest system to use and understand, it takes the strain out of keeping up to date.”
A & M Consultancy (South) Ltd
“LUS is a great, methodical, quality, and economical way of keeping on top of the changes to environmental legislation.”
Yorkshire Water
“This system quite simply is the best thing since sliced bread, I don't know how we managed before.”
Chester Zoo
“A really useful, reliable and trustworthy service that enables us to stay up to date on all new and updated legislation, and ensures that we are confident that we are complying with those that are relevant.”
Ashridge Business School
“LUS provides us with a quick and accurate method for accessing core legislation relevant to us, saving us time and providing plain English explanations for each piece of legislation and its requirements.”
Keolis Amey Docklands
“Newground provides an effective and efficient service to our company that enables us to manage our H&S and Environmental Systems to a high standard and have peace of mind that legislative requirements are being met.”
United Springs Limited
“LUS simplifies the process of keeping upto date with new and amended legislation providing a good platform to complete the necessary requirements for our ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 management systems.”
WSR Recycling Ltd
“I've used Newground for Legal Compliance Audits and also for the drawing up of a Flood Management Plan. In all cases the service has been excellent and provided information and guidance relevant to us and our business.”
Waddington & Ledger Print